Proven Ways to Use Social Media Storytelling to Grow Your Business

Have you ever wondered why some posts go viral on social media and others are just lost in the ocean of feeds? Well, there are many reasons for this, and one reason is the authenticity of viral posts, which comes from simple social media storytelling. Even some top brand use the power of social media storytelling to build deep connection with their target audience and attract leads.

We are all attached to stories, and when it comes to personal stories, they hook us more than anything else. When you share personal stories on social media your audience will feel more connected to your post which results in more engagement and a good relationship with your audience.

Know your ideal set of audience

The first thing you can do is to identify the audience you wish to engage with your content. It can be identified based on your niche. Then, try to understand their interests and needs. You can then tailor your social media storytelling for your target audience so that they can resonate well with the story you post.

For example, Companies that sell skin care products should mainly focus on females aged around 18 to 45 live in urban areas and are concerned about skin health. By keeping the ideal customers in mind they should create content related to skincare that should majorly resonate with their audience. The content may be about the benefits of using skincare products, customer reviews and testimonials, and skincare tips

Be authentic

Authenticity is a key when it comes to going viral. Do you follow LinkedIn? Authentic content performs better than any other content, so LinkedIn is now flooded with authentic/ personal stories. Also, remember that people can easily spot out fake content from miles away, so always make sure your content is fresh, transparent, and resonates with your audience. This not only help you build connections but also trust among your audience.

Let us take a clothing brand for an example. They can create content about how they have started their brand and what motivated them to start it. They can even create content on how each dress is made from raw materials to delivery, and then some customer’s positive review wearing their clothes. This create deeper level of connection.

Short and well formatted story

Short stories are easy to consume. Moreover, people have short attention spans. If your story is long there is great possibility for it to get unread by your audience. So, next time when you do social media storytelling, make sure your content is short and include only the main ideas. Also, formatting is king when it comes to content. Well formatted content is visually appealing and hooks the audience till the end.

Use visuals

Visuals like personal images or videos, works better when it comes to personal stories. They create a connection between audience and brand. Also, people are more likely to remember stories that are visually appealing. If you don’t want to share personal images or videos, infographics are also a good option.

A restaurant could share photos of their food, ambience or create videos of their chefs preparing dishes. Infographics about nutritionals value of their food also works well. Social media storytelling with visuals gives the best possible result.

Ask questions

Get your audience involved in your social media storytelling by asking them questions, feedbacks or suggestion. This will help you connect with them on a deeper level and also it is one of the best relation building techniques.

A travelling agency can ask their followers where they would like to go on vacation. This will be a better way to boost engagement and they could also ask for feedback on their customer service so that they can use them as testimonials later.

An instagram post by a brand with well written CTA to boost engagement

Be consistent

The more your brand show up with social media storytelling in authentic way the more you get recognizable and familiar. This leads to better relationship among audience and that lead to better engagement and loyalty. So, Post stories on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged.

Measure your results

Posting and ghosting is one of the worst way you can handing your social media. Tracking the progress is as important as posting itself so you should always important to track what works and what not which will help you build better social media storytelling strategy over time.

Don’t be afraid to fail

You can’t expect every story works. But every story with right strategy works so it is important to keep trying and learn from your mistakes to build better strategy. When you fail keep in mind that you will get the best learnings and you are right path for success.

Have fun!

This is the most important part in Storytelling. It should be enjoyable add some humour, and emotions so that your audience can relate and ultimately engage.

If you are someone who are not using social media storytelling technique, it’s time to create one and attract loyal customers to your business now. It is one of the powerful ways to connect with your audience on social media. Also, Social media has great potential influence your business so use it in right way. Follow the tips to create best stories that your audience can resonate with. I hope this article has inspired you to start using social media storytelling to connect with your audience and grow your business.

14 thoughts on “Proven Ways to Use Social Media Storytelling to Grow Your Business”

  1. A highly informative article! Crafting authentic, short, and visually appealing stories tailored to the target audience can be a game-changer for businesses on social media. Asking questions for engagement is a brilliant social media tactic. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips!

  2. Great article on using social media storytelling to grow your business! It’s essential to connect with your audience authentically and engage them effectively. Your tips, like knowing your ideal audience, being consistent, and measuring results, are valuable for anyone looking to enhance their social media strategy. Stories and personal connections are indeed powerful tools for building a loyal customer base. Keep up the great work!

  3. Great insights! Social media storytelling is a powerful tool for building connections and engaging your audience. Being authentic and using visuals can make a huge difference in creating memorable stories. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips.

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